Ultimate Erotic Massage / Совершенный эротический массаж

"Совершенный эротический массаж" Кавиды Рей (издание на английском языке).Sensual massage techniques for enhancing sexual pleasureExplore the full sensual potential of massage with this practical and inspirational companion to enjoying the most erotic, intense and passionate lovemaking experiences.Master over 100 erotic massage techniques to heighten arousal, enhance sex and deepen orgasm. Discover how to pleasure every part of the body, with step-by-step ways to tease and please, from the neck to you and your partner's most intimate parts. Create the ultimate massage experience through fantasy, role-play, toys and erotic love games.With tips on oral and manual strokes and complete guidance on how to perform a full body massage, you'll learn to add a powerful new dimension to your sex life

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Секс и семейная психология
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Секс и семейная психология
Секс и семейная психология
Секс и семейная психология
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Секс и семейная психология
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